Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Cardboard box castles

We have been making castles in our house. The blonde one had to make a castle as a school project which was followed by a castle exhibition at school. The kids work was fantastic with a huge range of castles including cardboard ones, lego ones, ones from a kit and huge, pink, sparkly ones.

This was our castle. We included a portcullis made from cocktail sticks and I found some iridescent tissue paper which made water in the moat.

We made a door in the back of the castle so we could see into the Great Hall. We got a book on castles from the library to help know what to out into the castle. My daughter thought this was cheating! I think we need to work on learning research methods.

This was our Great Hall. The blonde one really enjoyed colouring in a peel-off sticker on acetate for a stained glass window. You can see her colouring in, which make the tapestries on the wall. We used Fimo to make a table, fire pit and candle stick.

A very large cardboard box arrived in our house recently and was too good to waste. The Boy and I had a fun morning painting and sponging...

All three kids like playing in it now!


  1. I'm glad cardboard manufacturers don't realise how much fun kids (and the odd adult hahaha or is that just me?) can have with a cardboard box or they would start to charge for them. hahaha.

    Fantastic castle.


  2. How do you make the first castle please? I need it for a school project and I have none of my own ideas. It is amazing. Please help me! :)

    1. Hi. Just seen your comment. The first castle was made by arranging cardboard boxes and tubes together to make a castle shape and added strips of card cut into battlements around the top. We used tissue paper and PVA glue to papier mache over the whole thing. We then painted it with grey paint, with a little sponge and dark grey to make some stone effect. The portcullis is made from cocktail sticks glued together and painted black. I printed some shields from a google search that were coloured in and stuck on the front with more cocktail sticks to make flags on the top.

      Hope that helps! Best of luck with your castle.

  3. Please can you tell me what type of cardboard boxes you use beaceause I need it for a school project very fast.