Friday, 9 July 2010

Where to start?

Hello... um I'm a bit new to all this. I'll start with my current projects and we'll go from there. I've signed up to an online class at called "Love your Photos, Love your Pages". It's a combined photography and scrapbooking class which started last Monday. I've taken one of Shimelle's class before called "Something from Almost Nothing" to update my scrapbooking skills after a few years having children. I had looked at a scrapbook weekend retreat, but they all seemed to be over £300 and Shimelle's online class lasted a month and cost £10. I would highly recommend it!
This week we've been starting with the basics in photography, looking at light, photographing from different angles and grouping objects together.

These are my flower photos. They are called Rosamundi.

This was my still life group. The blonde one draws these butterflies everywhere at the moment and I'm glad I've captured them on film.

I've even managed one of the scrapbook assignments too...

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  1. Welcome to blogging! Be warned, it's addictive...

    Your photos are great and I *love* your layout! I'm so enjoying Shimelle's class :-)