Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Rainbows and smoothies

I've been playing around with photos again, using my photos from Shimelle's class as starting points. I took the idea of taking a series of photos to tell a story and took some pictures when I went out for a smoothie with the blonde one. I didn't find the photos very exciting, but then I added a texture and altered the colour and I think they look far more interesting now. I'm going to print them out on canvas paper to continue the texture.

The texture I used on the photos can be found here on Flickr

We had the most amazing rainbow over the top of the house a couple of nights ago and I went out a took a whole series of photos which my other half very cleverly stitched together for me. Well, actually he had help as we have this great software called Autopano Pro 2 which does all the work for you! I didn't even see the double rainbow until we had created the finished image. The trick with Autopano is to remember to take all the photos around the edge of your picture - we've frequently tried this and found we've missed just one section in a corner.


  1. great job with the smoothies...and oh how i love a rainbow :0)

  2. Wow, those photos look great with the texture - must remember that trick! :-)